John Greenfield

A quiet, dedicated guitar virtuoso with extensive classical training, John Greenfield presents the first album he has written and produced -- even down to painting the cover art. In this work John shows the spiritual side of his music incorporating a therapeutic use of sound.

"Every sound excites us down to the cellular level, and there are some sounds that resonate deep in our bodies in particular ways which promote health and healing."

Looking around the Mirror Records Studio, one does not see the usual studio recording equipment. Many of the devices are unmarked anonymous boxes with lights and dials which have been designed or co-designed by John to achieve a particular facet of his sonic vision.

Greenfield keeps many secrets regarding his sonic originality, saying only:

"As the means to achieve my ideas did not already exist , I was compelled to build my own equipment along the way"

Greenfield quickly directs attention away from his proprietary processing to get back to the music:

"Think of my music as a sonic hologram. The subtext of this album is a trip through sculpted sonic terrain. As a compositional element I find it fascinating to direct the experience from piece to piece (including timed pauses) by subliminally manipulating spacial cues within the soundfield as well as the individual voices. To this end, No Age Music seems to mask actual clock time via a transcendental foundation of changing meters signatures, and dynamics."

"Healing is the theme of this album" says Greenfield, "from the gentle cleansing of the rain in the first selection to the cathedral organ at the end of the CD, every element is carefully selected for its progressive effect on the listener"

Lofted by Greenfields' unique approach to guitar, No Age Music is a soul filled journey, a mini-vacation for tired ears and a healing soundtrack for those focusing inward.

No Age Music